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I started out playing the rhythm guitar just for fun so I could enjoy music around the campfire so to speak. I've always written poetry and liked to sing. As my courage and confidence grew, I like to think that my abilities and talent have improved too!

I feel very proud of my musical accomplishments. I have been singing country music for many years and love it. It's a gift that I am grateful for and love to share. I love how others can relate to songs I've written or how people enjoy songs they know. I especially like people who inspire me, like my husband, Jim, or just everyday people I meet by chance who share a thought that triggers something in me to write about that experience.

When you listen to my music it's a bit like my autobiography. The songs are about my life or someone very special in it. These are songs from my heart and soul.

I like to think of myself as just an average country girl with big dreams. I used to think I'd like to be well known, now I just want to be known well.

I have met so many interesting people who share their stories and dreams. I am inspired and Blessed for meeting them.

I love to put my thoughts into words and songs. Mostly as a personal therapy I suppose. What makes them special is when someone else can relate to them. That gives them life.

Songs reveal a part of me in a way I cannot express otherwise. At first I was shy about it, now I'm excited.

Music has helped me grow and I am thankful for this gift and humbled by its power. I am amazed by the people who truly "get it".

I am happy to play wherever you let me.

If interested in booking me please call well in advance. So I can get the day off work! LOL
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Ginny McIlmoyle - Country Entertainer, Writer
Ginny McIlmoyle - Country Entertainer, Writer
Ginny McIlmoyle - Country Entertainer, Writer
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Ginny McIlmoyle
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